WACOM IV  4th World Apostolic Congress on Mercy  Philippines January 16-20, 2017

WACOM now under supervision of the Vatican

Press Release from CBCPNews, Jan. 22, 2017

Pope Francis has accepted a request that the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy (WACOM) be directly under the supervision of the Vatican.

In a process that took 12 years, the Divine Mercy apostolate will finally be "deeply rooted" at the Vatican, specifically under the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization.

Fr. Patrice Chocholski, WACOM Secretary General, said the pontiff approved their request, believing that the Divine Mercy "is the fire for the new evangelization."

"It's a great news and a dream becoming a reality," Chocholski told the delegates on the last day of the 4th WACOM at the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan on Jan. 20.

Father Chocholski said that the dicastery will now be leading the promotion of the Divine Mercy apostolate and the next WACOM which will be held in Samoa, Oceania in 2020.

Msgr. Eugene Sylva, the PCNE's representative to the global event, said they are looking forward to collaborate with the Divine Mercy devotees and promoters.

"It's a great honor," Sylva said. "We look forward to the promotion of the Divine Mercy so that we can promote the mission of new evangelization."

Chocholski, meanwhile, declared that the Philippines hosted the "most successful" Mercy congress so far.

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K Liku - Mar 26, 2019

Absolutely true that so far the, for me the most amazing and profound WACOM was held in the Philippines. Why, it is because, the ordinary lay catholic people were involved actively! They registered and effectively participated! Well done Philippines!

NewMercyDevotee - Jan 10, 2019

What month in 2020 will this be held in Samoa??

Servants of God’s Divine Mercy Australia - Oct 29, 2018

Rightly so! Thank you, Your Holiness, for continuing the Fatherly Guidance! The First World Apostolic Congress on Mercy was held in April 2008 in Rome under the direction of His Holiness Pope Benedict VI. It was such a blessing for my husband and myself to have attended the very first WACOM. I pray we will be able to attend the 2020 WACOM in Samoa.